Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Sunday

Today, Denise and I are watching the Chargers.  Perhaps later we'll watch some professional football.

There's a brew kettle, full of an experimental ale, boiling away in the kitchen.  I finished a Stone Double Bastard Ale a short time ago and now I'm having some vegies (veggies?) with Black Bean Hummus.  All is right with the world.  Well, all except the Chargers and my visit to Urgent Care this morning.

The visit to urgent care was no big deal, nothing traumatic, nothing AT ALL like watching the Chargers.  Somehow my left elbow has become infected, most likely due to some injury incurred while crawling about the attic re-plumbing the house.  Given all the rodent activity we've seen in the past I've probably contracted hantavirus.  Anyway, with my history of infectious diseases I decided I should probably go get some antibiotics.  The trip was relatively painless, in and out with a prescription in less than an hour, and I had my iPod and book with me to make the time pass.  (At this point I should post a little endorsement for the Tiny Desk Concerts podcast from NPR.  They have these little 10 minute concerts with different artists, shot in some guy's office at NPR.  Pretty cool!  Check them out.)

I am pretty beat today.  My elbow had been bugging me for a while, but when it started getting bad on Friday I applied an ice pack topically and Cabitro Tequila Reposado orally.  I may have over-medicated.  I can't decide if my headache is lessening the pain in my elbow or not.

In any event, we were up early on Saturday to head to Fiesta Island in San Diego, planning to see Nicholas slalom skiing.  Turns out, Nicholas kicked a traffic cone Friday night and injured his foot, so he no ski on Saturday.  So, we might have slept in, but headed south anyway with Leo in tow.

It was a nice day, seeing Nicholas and Tee and living vicariously through the hoards of college kids having a way better time than I ever did during my education.  As an added bonus, we had the opportunity to meet Tee's parents, Nancy and Stuart (Stewart?  Not sure and didn't think to ask, apologies if I guessed wrong.)  Tee's parents were very nice, but I did have some misgivings about meeting them; they seem to like Nicholas, so I didn't want to make a bad impression, the only impression I really do well.

Leo spent most of the day terrified, as usual, certain of some fiendish collegiate scheme to kill and eat English Mastiffs.  Fortunately, the dog beach is directly adjacent to the skiing area, so we took a couple of trips for him to romp with his fellow canines.

Leaving the beach, we made a quick stop at my sister Jackie's, to visit her patient.  Abby seemed pretty happy to have visitors and was hopping around pretty well on her three legs.  Sadly, Leo had to wait in the car, so as not to get Abby too hyper, so we didn't stay too long. Shouldn't be too long before the dogs can be romping in the backyard again.

Well, enough for one day.  The Chargers have actually turned it around and may even pull this one out.  They're up by 6 and have the ball with less than 2 minutes.  I hope I'm not jinxing them, but then the game is already over, I'm watching on DVD, so I don't think I can be held accountable if they blow it now.


Blogger BJackie said...

And they actually won! So unbelievable.

Abby's a blur in that photo - moving so fast, even with her impediment.

Cute pic of N&T. Oh, and of Leo of course.

November 7, 2010 at 4:46 PM  

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