Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inertial Saturday

Sometimes I hate my job and other times I'm asleep.  And lately, I'm not getting nearly enough sleep.

I suppose most of my job issues are my own fault as I are, 1) too stupid to say NO when someone piles on another request, 2) too stupid to ask for help, 3) on the rare occasions when I do ask for help and none is forthcoming I'm too stupid to escalate to management, and 4) too stupid to figure out a way to eliminate my commute.  Anyway, I have way too many balls in the air and my juggling skills are overtaxed.

Consequently, I am having trouble overcoming inertia this morning.  Slept in, made a late breakfast, ombled eggs with real Jimmy Dean Sausage.  (Ssshhh, Nick's not here today so I snuck some real meat.  Not that he cares, but I try to keep up appearances.)  Ombled eggs, for anyone not an immediate member of the family, is just a scrambled omelette stemming from my early days of experimentation in the kitchen when I could not actually form an omelette, so I just scrambled everything together.

Anyway, today's were decadent and delicious.  Ombled Eggs always make me happy!  And a little Yucatan Sunshine on top!  (I made a nummy sound just now.)

Got involved in a couple work related incidents after breakfast, so when I finally checked the time it was too late to head over to the Murrieta Homebrew Emporium.  There was supposed to be a brewing demo and I need to start planning for my attempt at an all-grain brew.  Oh well, some other time perhaps.

Nicholas and I bottled a batch of Extra Special Bitter this week, unfortunately too late for service during the Super Bowl, but it will probably be ready for Valentine's Day.  We have ingredients for an American Brown Ale that we need to get started so maybe it will be ready for St. Patty's.

My inertia is complicated by procrastination; waited too long and were not able to get tickets to the Stone Brewing Company's Calm Before the Storm breakfast on Super Bowl Sunday.  I'm not sure I wanted to travel anywhere tomorrow anyway, but it did sound like it would have been pretty entertaining.

For now I think I will get my inertial ass off the couch and force myself to run some errands.  I have  books due at the biblioteca and a large void in the liquor cabinet crying out for a BevMo run.  Maybe I'll even take a swing by the Black Market Brewing Company and see if I can pick up a growler.

More tomorrow.  Go Chargers!


Blogger BJackie said...

Did you make yummy snacks for consumption during the S. Bowl? We made pizza - our first time in the new house. It was very successful. One of them was a roasted acorn squash, garlic, provolone and crushed red pepper pizza (using the squash from our CSA box). It was very tasty!

February 7, 2011 at 9:25 AM  

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