Friday, February 3, 2012

Bad Habit

So, took a day off to get a head start on weekend projects.

Denise and I were on the road and, this being a vacation day, I decided to invoke the Gumbitarianess of my diet and get some sort of tasty fast food.  I was leaning toward The Hat and a Pastrami Dip with a side of Chili Cheese Fries.  OK, that was maybe a little too flexible for the diet,.  The Hat does not post their nutritional information on their web site (really, if you have to ask...)  So, it was back to the comestibles drawing board.

I should take a short aside for a brief discussion on the Gumbitarian philosophy of dieting.  Under Gumbitarianism, flexibility is key.  Anything goes, everything in moderation, especially moderation.  Thanks to Gumbitarianism, when I was trying eat more vegetarian foods I found that it was easier to maintain a vegetarian diet knowing that I could eat meat anytime I wanted.  Being able to made it less necessary to.  Dieting, same thing.  Since I let myself eat anything I want, I'm less likely to want stuff that's REALLY bad for me.  Or so the theory goes.  This could be a bunch of crap.

Anyway, a little more web search and I talked myself (and Denise) into The Habit in Chino Hills.  After all, I love The Habit in Goleta and they post their nutritional information on their web site AND you can get the Charburgers with a lettuce wrap instead of those highly caloric buns.  Less than half the calories of a pastrami dip and darned tasty, or so I anticipated.

Sadly, the Habit was a bad choice, not for the food though.  As Denise was meandering aimlessly through the parking lot she stopped for some pedestrians and a woman backed out of her car into the left front bumper of Denise's beautiful new Prius.  Only 5,000 miles old and already dinged

Denise saw the woman backing out and laid on the horn.  Pedestrians were waving at her, but she was clueless.  Didn't even know she had hit us.  I had to jump out and run her down as she was pulling out of the parking lot.

She was apologetic and all, but it's still a pain-in-the-butt.  It did give me something to do on the drive, first 30 minutes on the phone with our insurance (where I received kudos from the agent for knowing, off the top of my head, my wife's date of birth  - "Most guys don't") then another 30 with the other driver's insurance, where the agent correctly guessed the color of our car based solely on make/model ("Let me guess - white right?")

So, the moral of the story is that even if you skip the bun in favor of the lettuce wrap, fast food is still bad for you.

Oh well, it was tasty.

P.S., to be extra good I fed Leo the croutons off my side salad.  Now that's dieting.


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