Thursday, March 29, 2012

London Calling

Yes, tonight it was London calling, er, broiling, I should say.  Some of you may recall way back in early May of 2011 the arrival of our CSA beef.  At the time I mentioned that it might last us a whole year and it appears that should not be a problem.  Here it is almost April and we still have a rich assortment to choose from.

Tonight I was in the mood for a steak, not really because I was particularly hungry for steak, but because it's relatively easy to monitor calorie intake with a meal that consists mostly of just a big hunk o' meat.  Anyway, once home from work I went rummaging  through our chest freezer until I found something roughly akin to a steak and it turned out that that was a London Broil.  Nuked it on defrost mode for a bit, then dropped it into an IPA-soy sauce bath to soak while I responded to Leo's urgent pleas for a walk.

Post-walk, back at the ranch, I threw some sweet potatoes in the steamer, CSA mixed greens and arugula in the rinse and spin cycle and fired up the grill.  While the meat grilled, I sauteed up some mushrooms in virgin olive oil (from ugly olives), added a bit of butter, then splashed in some Worcestershire sauce.  A little chipotle powder mashed into the potatoes, some crumbled blue cheese and dressing on the salad and voilĂ , a meal fit for a queen.

The leftovers are already in a steak salad for lunch tomorrow.


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