Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth.  I intend to celebrate in quintessential American style;
  1. For starters a steamed espresso (OK, that's Italian);
  2. Followed by a Bloody Mary (originated in Paris, named after an English queen, made with vodka distilled in Holland);

    Short aside re Bloody Marys...

    ...I start all mine in the same fashion; I forget to salt the rim. I grab a glass throw in some ice, lemon juice, maybe the vodka and then - DOH! - forgot the damn salt. Everything into a holding pattern while I reset, salt the rim and then everything back into the glass. IDK why. This just is and always has been the case.

    While that little example of mixicological ineptitude is bothersome, my greater concern is with the salt itself. Once upon a time, my sister gave me some coarse, Whole Foods brand, chili-infused salt. Many Marys later, the salt is nearly gone. What am I to do when the supply is exhausted? Mimosas? God forbid! Never having been to a Whole Foods, not even knowing where the nearest one is, I'm a little nervous. Do they even carry chili-infused salt anymore? Shoot, I might need to concoct a recipe of my own.

    Sorry, back to the subject at hand.  Where was I...?
  3. Oh, some "from-scratch" pastrami (Romanian);
  4. Barbecued (now THAT's American - with roots in the Caribbean and elsewhere) ribs and chicken, to keep the pastrami company in the smoker;
  5. Potato salad (Wikipedia lists styles from Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Romania, but no reference to the Estatos Unidos - I guess American-style potato salad is just a given);
  6. Beer (Germany probably gets most of the early credit) - actually a double IPA (HA! Californian!);
  7. Pie (originated as far back as ancient Egypt and Greece) for dessert, Strawberry-Rhubarb (which is pretty darned American);
  8. Wash everything down with some good old Kentucky bourbon (totally American, apart from a little flirtation with secession back in the 1860's);
  9. And capping things off in true American fashion I'll see if I can put an eye out with some cheap black market pyrotechnics (actually, that might be Chinese.)
Ah, America, the melting pot.  Happy Holiday!  Don't put your eye out.


Post Script:  Deviled Quail's Eggs

Added a little appetizer - note the dime for scale.  Didn't want you to think I was sneaking in chicken's eggs.


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