Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Post-Labor-Day Blues (Bleus?)

I was able to pretty scrupulously avoid labor this Labor Day Weekend, finding new and creative ways to appear busy whenever Denise wandered through the room.  Don't want her sensing idleness and suggesting that I might want to work on any of the myriad projects in their various stages of incompletion.

Sunday was Play Day

We scheduled a Sunday morning hike with Jackie, Mike and Abbie down by Dixon Lake in Escondido.  The sort of activity requiring a substantial breakfast, a breakfast to sustain us if lost in a whiteout, stranded in a real Man vs. Wild scenario.  Something substantial like breakfast burritos.

These were pretty standard burritos (potatoes, salsa, eggs, cheese, cilantro) except for the fake meat.
Denise had recently purchased a package of Tofurky Breakfast Links.  "Gourmet, Meatless and Delicious!"  Well, if this were baseball they'd be batting a respectable .333.  I'll take their word for the meatless part.  Like most meat wanna-bes, these have a signature meatless aroma.  Close your eyes.  Picture a damp, slightly used tube sock stuffed with overcooked multi-grain cereal.  Imagine your nose in the sock.  Inhale.  There, now you have a sense of the meatless sausage experience.

Actually, smothered in Pico Pica the sausages were mostly undetectable and the burritos more than acceptable.

The hiking was fun and the weather cool, enough so that Leo (and Denise) survived the trip.  Being giant and black, Leo does not normally do well on a hot hike.  We were hiking at Daley Ranch, the trails were nice with a fair amount of available shade and a  nice breeze helping to keep us cool.  The fact that I was spraying Leo down with water at every break probably helped.  After the hike I rewarded the dogs with kipper snacks from the emergency ration stash in my daypack.

We rewarded ourselves with lunch at Rubios, partly because they serve a good grilled vegie burrito, partly because they have little palapas outside were we could eat with the dogs and partly (mostly) because they serve beer.

Dinner Sunday was my take on a Poblano White Chili recipe from Vegetarian Times, minus the poblanos because the only ripe chiles in the garden were Anaheims and green bell peppers.   I would post a link to the recipe, but it's from their October issue and not available online yet.  Actually, I think I can modify this to an easy, one-dish recipe for the boys.  I will have to post my modifications on the recipe blog.

So Why the Blues?

To add a sort of tropical vacation feel to the weekend I mixed up a couple Mai Tai's.  That's probably as close as I'm going to get to a vacation anytime soon.  In the process I used up my last little traces of Orgeat syrup and Orange Curaçao.  I made a note to update the bar stock.   Got to be prepared when the Mai Tai bug next strikes.  Semper paratus!  Or maybe semper sitiens!

Anyway, Tuesday evening Denise texted.
"Need anything from the store?"
"What store?"
"Bleu cheese."  I was planning to make Red Onion and Gorgonzola Flatbread for dinner.
"What about booze?"  Henry's is blessedly located in the same shopping center as BevMo.
At this point I thought it best to abandon texting.  I did not want any confusion over things like, "IDK? JD?"   So I called Denise.
"Should I get Orgeat?"
"Yes."  Good girl,  remembered the important things.
"How about Blue Curaçao?"
"No, Orange."
"Anything else?"
"Maybe some Jack Daniel's."  Never know when the neighbors may come over.
So at this point I rushed home and got the semolina dough rising for the flatbreads.  (This is really quick and easy, you should definitely try the recipe.)  Denise arrived home with the groceries, extracting a bottle of BLUE Curaçao.
"I thought you said 'Not Orange.'"  
As a little background, I already have a nearly full bottle of the blue Curaçao, from an earlier misbegotten shopping expedition.  It's been in the bar cabinet for years because I have no idea what to do with it.
"So where's my Jack Daniel's?"
"Jack Daniel's!?  You didn't say Jack Daniel's!"
Semper Gumby, with two bottles of blue Curaçao and nought of old No. 7, I embraced the blue.  First, a Blue Marlin (white rum, lime juice and blue Curaçao, not bad actually, kind of Margarita-like) and moved on to an Evil Blue Thing (white rum, white creme de cacao and blue Curaçao - vile - evil - terrible - sickeningly sweet.  I fed it to Denise.)

So there we sat, nursing our post holiday blues (drinks) and munching our flatbreads with very blue cheese.  More blues to come, I have over a bottle and a half left to go.


Blogger Garage Sailing said...

We need photos!
(I'm always amazed at the things you can whip up.)

September 9, 2010 at 5:10 PM  
Anonymous DaWife DeNiece said...

Guilty as charged this time.

I like any drink with a touch of chocolate, even if it is azure blue.

September 9, 2010 at 5:38 PM  
Blogger khanten said...

Bleeh. Blue curacao.

September 11, 2010 at 6:27 PM  

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