Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Floridian A**hole, a Half-Billion Illiterates and Chili's

WTF!  Today I spent a considerable amount of time behind the wheel, in front of NPR, listening to the latest Koran burning bullsheet.  This is driving me to drink; the media falling all over themselves discussing whether or not the media should be falling all over themselves over some jackass exercising his constitutional right to be a jackass.  I always assumed that Christianity implied "Christ-like", but apparently not so much.  Somehow I can't see Jesus burning Korans.

In the other corner, we have a few million illiterate Muslims, happily manipulated into rioting and burning in effigy the president of these United Koran Burning States of America, because, after all, it's what we do.  Who needs oil with all those Korans to stoke the furnaces of the American infidels.

There is just this weird juxtaposition.  Over here, a couple dozen psychopaths flew planes full of perfectly innocent people into buildings full of perfectly innocent people and most of the US (including Dub-Ya, I might add) argued, correctly, that this was the work of crazy people and in no way representative of decent Islamic people everywhere.  (Although hate crimes against anyone looking Muslim(?) in the US went up something like 1700% in the aftermath of 9/11.  It's not like we don't have our share of freaking idiots.)

On the other hand, one CLOWN, announces plans to burn the Koran and half the Muslims in the world decide that this is now American policy.  It's our stimulus plan for the publishing industry; print 'em and burn 'em, keep those printers at work.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Primal scream.  Now I feel better.

I had to stop listening and eat lunch.  Chili's, as it happens.

Black Bean Burger

Chili's is not much of a vegetarian Mecca (sorry, probably an inappropriate metaphor given the above rant), but they do have a vegetarian black bean burger patty that I have always liked.  Back in the day, my meat-eating days, I would order the Bandito Black Bean Vegetarian Burger just 'cuz I liked it.  Sadly, Chili's dropped it from their menu.  For years I could go into Chili's restaurants and order it; the kitchen staff  knew what I was talking about, even though the wait staff thought I was crazy.  As I recall, the Bandito burger consisted of the black bean patty (BBP), some sort of black-beanie-sauce, jalapeños, cheese (maybe pepper-jack), lettuce, etc.  It was excellent.

Today, you can order any of the Chili's burgers and substitute the BBP, but somehow it's not quite the same as the Bandito.  None the less, I forged ahead.  Ordered an Avocado Burger with Swiss, minus beef, plus BBP.  Very nice!
Photo does not do it justice - it's my cheesy camera phone's fault.
Margarita's, Mariachi's and Middle-Eastern Comedians

After 12-1/2 hours at work I thought it would be nice to dine out with my spouse.  Drove to Temecula and met Denise at La Casita (used to be La Casita Nueva, but apparently they dropped that now that they are La Casita Vieja).  Friday nights are Mariachi night, although the Mariachis are usually gone by 8:00PM.  We arrived around 8:30, but they were still going strong.
I am the fat one in the foreground.
Avoided the siren song of the Carnitas and settled for the Vegetarian Burrito.   And a couple Margarita's.  The mariachis, as it turned out, did not know "Watching the Detectives", but they did play "Guacamole" which was pretty entertaining.
Met her at the Mercado 
She was buying avacados 
Man... she really turned me on 
She reached for my pepper 
I grabbed her tomatoes 
And I knew, it wouldn’t be very long...
Etcetera.  If you want more than that you'll have to Google it.
Back at home, we (well, I mostly, Denise fell predictably asleep) watched "Maz Jobrani: Brown and Friendly". Jobrani is a Middle-Eastern comedian (actually American of Persian ancestry) who I first heard on the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour.  Hilarious!  And a perfect antidote for a day of A-holes vs. Illiterates.


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