Thursday, May 5, 2011

Food News

Greetings one and all.  Haven't had much to say lately, so a couple quick food related news items.
Lemonade a la Denise

First up, Lemonade.  Denise decided we needed a little refreshment during a recent stint of work in the garden.  Let's just say Denise's take on lemonade is a little off the beaten path...see photos right -------->

Apparently she left her simple syrup concoction on the burner just a weeee bit too long.  Mmmm' that's refreshing.

A little lemonade hit the spot while working the garden.

We have had quite a few bug problems out in said garden, plants being eaten away to nothing overnight. So, one of the remedies that Denise found online was to bury little pie tins at ground level and then fill them with beer.  Bugs, like snails and such, wander in, get drunk and lose interest in the plants.  Or die, something like that anyway.  It turns out that for Denise it's not enough to just kill the bugs; she wants to torture them.  Hence the Bud Ice.

That's just not right.

In other food news, we tried another option for using up CSA produce; broccoli crepes.  Not at all bad for an evening's work.

Lately, Denise has presented me with a new cooking challenge.  Her labs showed her having high blood sugar, so now it's low-carb cooking, on top of all the other goofy stuff we've been doing.  I mean it was hard enough to figure out how to cook without meat, but without carbs?  I have no clue.

My first attempt was a shepherd's pie, substituting cauliflower for half the potatoes in the topping.   The rest was more or less my standard shot at vegetarian pie.

It was pretty good, although I don't know how big of a carb improvement it made.

Tonight being Cinco de Mayo, we went with a chili rellenos and taco salad.  Standard chili relleno recipe  except for the soy flour instead of all purpose in the batter, for that slight drop in carbs.

They don't look very good (I forgot to put the sauce on before taking the picture) but they were damned tasty.  And so good for you!


Blogger khanten said...

Why waste good beer on bugs? I wouldn't want them to die happy on some Stone IPA.

May 11, 2011 at 2:13 PM  

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