Monday, February 21, 2011

Flexing my -tarianism

I was a bad boy this weekend.  I started the weekend off pretty well, vegetarian-wise.  Things became increasingly carnivorous as the weekend progressed.

Friday I dropped Nicholas off at Ontario Airport around 5:00PM and then proceeded to have an epic trip getting home.  Traffic got the double-whammy of thunderstorms at the start of what for many is a three-day weekend.  Thanks to a missed on-ramp and several detours intended to evade traffic, I ended up taking about two hours to finally get home.

I was completely beat from the workweek and had planned on picking something up for dinner, too tired to either cook or dine out.   By the time I reached my exit,  however, I just wanted to get home.  So, I sat around procrastinating until about 8:30 before finally deciding to cook something.  I ended up making Spinach Omelettes with Manchego Cheese and Sour Cream, using up some of the spinach, green garlic and spring onions from the CSA.

Saturday I was in Riverside for the More Beer Brewday.  Leaving the demo, I drove right past (well, not quite past) the Fatburger on University Avenue.  What the heck, I hadn't had lunch and it had been a little while since my last burger, so I went in for a large chili cheese with everything.  It filled me with cholesterol and self-loathing, but man it was delicious.

Saturday evening we invited Mr. Pim over for dinner, since he's been home alone for quite awhile with spouse and child off to Mexico.  Larry is a meat eater, but a good sport, so he has sat through several vegetarian offerings at our house.  This weekend however, I decided we should feed him something for the carnivore.  Denise went through our freezer and found several items that have been cooling there heels, so to speak, in there ever since this whole vegetarian thing started.  None of them, unfortunately, sounded much like anything to feed a guest.

She did find a boat load of tasso, a hold-over from the days when Jacob was still eating meat and we were making Red Beans and Rice on a pretty regular basis.  So, I sort of decided that we should make Red Beans and Rice and try to use up at least a portion of the tasso.  (We have enough tasso left over to make about five more batches.)   I say "sort of decided" because I also bought a grass-fed beef chuck roast.  Why?  Well, because I wasn't sure we would have everything I would need to make Red Beans and Rice and because I wasn't sure I shouldn't serve Larry cow.  He is very much into westerns.

I ended up making the Red Beans and Rice and it was damned tasty.  Denise made a huge salad with CSA greens and I finished the evening off with a Rhubarb Crisp.  No, not with the rhubarb I've been growing.  Linda gave me a whole bunch last weekend when we were in SB.

Sunday, I had more of the RB&R for lunch.

Denise made herself some green beverage concoction with some of the CSA kale, pineapple and God only knows what else.  I had a taste and it was not bad.

We're going to have to come up with more things like this to do with all this produce I suppose.  The fridge is still full and another load is scheduled for Tuesday.

For dinner, well, I had this chuck roast in the fridge.   So, we ended up with a pot roast in the oven.

It was not all bad though; carrots were from our garden and there was a side of some more sauteed greens of one kind or another from the CSA.  A little Cabernet Sauvignon.  It's nice to have something that pairs well with red wine for a change.

I did do one nice thing on Sunday however.  I started brewing a batch of American Brown Ale.  Since I had just learned about making dog biscuits with the spent grains, I did a quick Google and came up with a Spent Grain Dog Biscuit recipe.  Not much too it; 2 cups spent grain, 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup peanut butter and one egg.  Mix them all up, press the dough onto a sheet pan, score into the shapes you want and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.  Then, snap them all apart along the score lines and place in a 225 oven for about 3 hours until they are nice and hard.

I made some nice interesting shapes, that is, if you think rectangles are interesting.

Leo seems to like them.

Next time I'll have to find a dog bone cookie cutter.


Blogger BJackie said...

Thought about joining your CSA for a while, since ours is on 'a break,' but we only did every other week w/ ours, and looks like that's not an option w/ yours. Don't think we can eat that many veggies in a week! We are not as good as you guys. Sounds like you guys are coming up w/ all sorts of ways to use them. Denise sent me the recipe for that green drink and it sounded pretty yummy.

February 28, 2011 at 10:32 PM  

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